Monday, February 15, 2010

Luke Study Guide: an ECV Orientation

One element of what we're doing this year for Lent is this six-week walk through one of the books of the Bible. My friend Brian Housman, who was really the one who turned me on to encountering God in Scripture when I was in college, wrote the study guide and our own Alyssa Stovall has helped adapt it to our context here at ECV. I have great hope that God will really meet us as we read the Scripture together.

One of the things I’m particularly excited about for the Bible study guide is that those of us who participate get the unique chance to study the Bible alone and together at the same time: the guides are designed to help you have a satisfying interaction with the Bible on your own each day; but because we as a church community are reading and thinking about the exact same daily Bible passage as you, it also gives you the fun opportunity to share your individual experience with the people around you.

So, please join in yourself, share this guide with your friends, and talk together about what you find. I’m looking forward to what God will say to us in this season.

let's press in,